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I needed a small portable speaker and found this one from Ancord. It’s very cute and small. The Metallic Blue is a great color and the size is just right. It’s not much larger than my thumb as you can see in the image. It’s very small but packs a pretty powerful punch with it’s sound. I can be listening to music on my speaker and get a call in between and answer the call from the speaker. It has a built in microphone to speak to the caller. It’s very simple and easy to use and easy to charge too. It has a headphone plug that I attached and can easily hang off of my phone as well. It’s very lightweight so it doesn’t strain my phone or my purse. The bluetooth speaker also has a very interesting Selfie shutter function where you can use it to click the camera shutter instead of using your phone. It’s a really cool feature. Overall I like this speaker. I’m very pleased with it.

You can buy it here: #ad
I received this item at a steep discount to share my opinions about it.


Natural Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask

This sleep mask is a fairly traditional silky sleep mask. I purchased the color blue which is a gorgeous shade of blue that I’m not sure what it’s exactly called. Cerulean Blue comes to mind but I’m not positive. It’s definitely a fun color. The silk is amazing and quite flexible. The mask is over-sized compared to standard masks and I quite prefer that. I find it really helps to block the light out better. I do not see any light through this mask even with our entire room lit up. It has a slight cushion to it in between the silk front and back but I’m not sure what it’s made of. It’s not stiff so not foam. It does rest right on my eyelids but I don’t feel any pressure on my eyes whatsoever. I feel this would work great at home, on a plane or even for a quick snooze in the office or the office parking lot (I suggest setting an alarm though!).

This type of mask is perfect for those who move their head around a lot. It won’t slide easily and should stay in place all night long. There is no Velcro to catch on hair and it’s adjustable to accommodate a large head. I think I have a Medium – Largish head and it works well on my noggin.

Though masks are great for travel and situations where you can’t control lighting (such as planes, trains, or buses), sleep experts we interviewed suggested that blackout curtains are more effective than eye masks as a long-term solution for reducing bedroom brightness.

The mask also doesn’t weigh much at all and it’s so soft and silky as well as beautiful (the shade of blue is truly lovely) it would be great for well… bedroom play!

The price is currently $9.99 Prime on Amazon and I find it quite fair. You can check it out and buy it here:

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my online opinions.


Dimension: 21.5 x 10.5 cm/8.5 x 4.1 in
Net Weight: 14.6g/0.51oz
Color: Pink, Black, Blue
Washing instructions: Hand Wash Only,
Water temperature must under 30 degrees.
Hang in the cool and ventilated place (avoid sunlight).
Ironing is ok at low temperatures.


Flower Crown

Well. Not everything I share is perfect nor recommended. Sadly, this is one of them. I had such high hopes for this Flower Crown. It was so adorable in the listing but it’s just not on point at all. The spacing is bad, the glue obvious, the plastic bottoms obvious, they don’t look real at all and then there are these odd faux leather pieces that don’t match the top hanging down. Just everything about the Flower Crown is off. It was so bad my 10 year old said she didn’t like it and she is not picky at all! I have to include the link because it’s a sponsored post. Go ahead and check it out and you will see what I mean. Just compare the photos. I received this at a discount but it wasn’t worth even what I paid. Sorry. Don’t recommend.

AOSTAR 40 LEDs Photo Clip String Lights

These Clothespin Style Clip String Lights are really quite lovely in our daughter’s room. I haven’t decided if I’m going to keep them there or not but I think I do know what they will be used for. Right now I’m showing them in her room with a few photos but I think they will be perfect to display her art work. I’m considering using them to also display my older children’s art as well but theirs is much larger so I think they will probably stay in the babies room. She’s now almost 2 so for now it’s just scribbles but soon some amazingly fun art will come from those tiny hands. Right now she just really likes seeing the lights on in the evening or flashing for a few minutes for the fun of it!

They work easily with the small remote and the remote is most effective when I point it at the battery box where the sensor is. They work with three double AA batteries and easily install.

I think the lights would work practically anywhere though I would have not thought to put it in a toddlers room had my husband not done it without consulting me. I actually like it a lot though. It looks very nice with the “somewhat sophisticated baby” theme that I have in her room. No, really I think it looks really great!

I received these at a discount in exchange for my opinions.

Check out the photos and buy it here!

Adorable Cute Silicone Night Light by My-stery

I actually have all three of the styles sold in the link I’m going to share here. One for each of my girls. They are absolutely incredibly cute and I love the Rainbow mode soooo much! There is also a plain white light mode and a mode where you can pick your favorite color. They charge easily via the included USB Cord and come in a nice box which is easy to wrap for gifts!

I don’t have the best photo but check out the listing to see all the different color modes or find me on FB, Instagram, Twitter etc. to see my video! I’m Caressa Gray Al-Khateeb on FB and momofjohnjr on various social media.

I recommend this product and the price point is great. It’s also sold Prime so really easy to return if by chance you get a lemon. This is a sponsored post. I did receive this at a heavy discount to share my opinions on social media. I really do own 3 of them!

The nightlights are also squishy. Children can squish the light and the air will reinflate it slowly but surely. They will enjoy it a lot! If using at night I recommend the red setting so as not to interfere with the child’s natural Melatonin production. It will come pre-charged but not a full charge. Give it a full 2 hours to fully charge and then it will produce light for nearly 12 hours in any mode!

Check it out here:

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Outdoor Solar Light by welltop

Incredible Medium Size Solar Light by welltop. So very easy to install and use. Activate with a button on the underside of the light and can turn off if desired. You can even charge it in a window though it won’t last as long with the filtered light.

It comes with 20 Powerful LED Solar Lights and a Unique Dim Backlight for constant use when not activated by motion. The lights have a very wide motion range detection that works at a 120 Degree angle and between 10 & 26 feet high from the ground.

Weather Resistant and Waterproof the solar light really holds up well in different types of weather. Even snow though I can’t attest for snow as I’m in FL. It’s very economical as there are no wires and recharges with the sun. The dim light stays on most if not all of the light (depends how many times motion was detected to use full bright light & if it was fully charged). The full light lasts approx. 30 seconds when triggered.

Check them out here: and use PROMO Code I89HM8M7 for 16% OFF!

I received this at a discount in exchange for my review on this blog.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Spain | Spanish EVOO |First press cold extracted estate bottled Arbequina Olive! My thoughts!


So here is the deal. I bought this Extra Virgin Olive Oil off Amazon to Blog and share my experience with it. I was given a discount but none of that matters. This is what I thought. When I first saw the bottle I thought. Umm, really. That label is kinda… ahhhh, not really fond of that label… thinking… they should really change that label and make it look nicer… so my thought was. This is going to be some garbage Olive Oil. Well, then I opened it up and smelled it. Not a strong smell at all. Still quite skeptical of it’s authenticity but what do I know about Spanish Olive Oil!? So I tasted it and thought, who knows. Could be, maybe real, maybe not. After all, I guarantee almost everything in my cabinet is probably not 100% Olive Oil! GASP! But that’s the truth!! I have a Arab husband who grew up going to the places his Uncles turned their fresh olives into fresh Olive Oil. He knows fresh. I can taste a difference overseas but it’s not a huge difference to me who has little experience… Well. I tried one more taste and thought I have no clue and then I burped. EXCUSE Me! Yep. I did… but what did I burp!? Olives. I burped Olives. Tasted them. I know that’s hilariously odd but it’s true. Not because of the Oil, oil doesn’t tend to cause burping but for whatever reason I tasted the Olives. So my verdict is that it’s Mild, quite mild and who knows how much Olive, but there is definitely Olive! And I took a lovely photo of it with some awesome dipping spices and only ate a bit of it and left the rest for the next day and it disappeared. I was sad. Found out hubby cleaned the dish. What a waste of a light refreshing dipping oil. I was looking forward to having that today. Anyway, I have been using it in all kinds of foods for the past week or so and it’s good. I just think that label has got to be replaced! Who here agrees!?

Check it out here and go ahead and buy it!

✓Experience this estate bottled Spanish EVOO harvested in 2016 in Penedes Spain. This gourmet Mediterranean oil is great for salads and vegetables.
✓ This award-winning organic olive oil is ideal for gourmet dining and is made from the Arbequina olive that has a low bitterness
✓Wow dinner guests with Spanish recipes featuring fresh salads and vegetables using Gourmet Living’s Italian EVOO. Some claim olive oil works wonders as a skin moisturizer and hair rejuvenator.
✓First and cold extracted olive oil processed in accordance to International Olive Council (IOC) guidelines. Don’t settle for confusing labels and inferior brands.
✓Share Gourmet Living’s EVOO with friends and family and add nutrition and the distinctive taste of extra virgin olive oil to everyone’s diet.

So that section is the blurb on the listing and I do agree. Low Bitterness and excellent for Veggies and Salads!


CraZy Cute Emoji Earrings!


Hannah really loves Emojis so I got her these 18K Gold Plated Emoji earrings on Amazon (at a discount for sharing here!). Aren’t they cute! I’m saving them for her birthday! They really look nice in person despite the inexpensive packaging. FYI! They are 18K Gold Plated but the Posts are not Gold Plated. They appear to be stainless steel (which most people can wear). I wasn’t even going to give her the poop emoji but it’s so incredibly cute I’m probably going to give them to her after all. The price is really right at less than $2 a pair. They really make great gifts and I might buy more for her birthday party to give each girl some in their goody bags. I highly suggest you check out the product! I really do recommend them and would buy these again. They look better than I expected by far!
Check out the link!
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Backseat Organizer by Fancy Mobility

This is a pretty good Backseat Car Organizer by Fancy Mobility. Though not the highest quality (hence 4 stars vs. 5 stars) it’s pretty decent and the stitching is done well. It’s not very thick so I have no clue how long it will last. I feel it will last a bit but not as long as I would like to get the most value. I like the pretty blue border all around it. The pockets are nice but they aren’t very deep. I would prefer deeper pockets and I would prefer a thicker material all over. I don’t feel this one is quite worth the $20 being asked for it currently. If they drop the price to say $10 – $15 I do think it’s worth that. It is not bad quality I just feel it could be improved a great deal. It fits small to medium bottles on the bottom too but not larger ones. Most sippy cups for kids would fit but some adult bottles may be too large.
I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to give a good review, just an honest one.

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